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I found this gorgeous print by Albrecht Durer, originally painted in 1515, in an auction and loved it immediately.  (For the full story head to the blog page and you can read all my ramblings there.)  It came in an awful faux wood frame with a gold matt and just looked a ‘blingy’ and a bit wrong.  Like a piece of antique furniture in a modern house, I like the effect of a traditional piece of artwork in a contemporary frame and matt.  I think it can help it look more relevant and help it to fit in with other more modern pieces, so I rescued these squirrels from their old, crumbling home and put them in a modern, white box!

The frame is a 52 x 52 box frame from Ikea with a white matt and I think that Squirrel Nutkin and his mate look much better.

The frame has a wire for hanging, but being a box it can sit comfortably on a shelf or sideboard.


52cm wide

52cm high

4.5cm deep

Delivery or postage available, please contact me regarding cost.

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