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Tables like this are very hard to find and I get so excited when I find one (you would not believe the things I had to climb over to help this one see the light of day).  And the reason they are hard to find is they are either lurking in the back of someone’s shed who just thinks it’s some ugly old table, or they are in a store in Melbourne and they have it priced for their super fancy customers.

The moment I saw this table I knew it was special.  The pine base and top are original and the top has a matt finish that has been worn so smooth – but! – not level, the knots and grains in this table top are clearly visible and mean that, in spots, this table top is not level.  Not enough to tip over the wine glass, but maybe enough to make it wobble a bit.  There is also some repair to one leg at the base which is more visible than the others, please check the photos carefully.

But don’t let those things put you off.  This is a rare find with a beautifully made cutlery drawer sitting neatly down one side.  This would suit as a table in both a modern house or something more classic, modern chairs, classic bentwoods, I really just don’t think it could look bad.  And wait for the comments, because they will come.


182.5cm long

80cm wide

76cm high

60.5cm floor to apron (please check if you have chairs with arms)