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Leather Chair 6
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I’m an absolute sucker for a beautiful deep chair – and in leather, all the better.  This gorgeous vintage leather armchair in a classic club style has loads of character and is in original condition (with the exception of new castors at the back).  The leather, which is a rich, dark green is smooth and has a low sheen.  There are scratches and age evident all over the chair, but there a no rips or tears.

It also has a high back which makes it very comfortable, so comfortable in fact that if you have a recliner user in your house currently (and it grates on your style vibe) then this chair would be the perfect replacement.  Combined with a great footstool, I promise he won’t complain.  Better yet, he’ll look less like Homer Simpson and more like James Bond.  He might even swap that can of Hahn Super Dry for a martini.  And the ute for a vintage Aston.

Anyway, final comment on this chair, please don’t discount it because it’s green.  I don’t normally stretch to green, but this chair is worth it.  Remember, it’s not easy being green, as Kermit said.


88cm high (back)
91cm wide (at the widest point)
86cm deep
58.5cm seat depth
42cm seat height
54cm arm height