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While I didn’t have a cast iron bed when I was a child, I did have a very high Victorian timber bed that was so high off the ground that I was able to happily make a cubby and play with my dolls underneath.  As I grew older it was an excellent place to hide my illegal stash of make-up (some ugly green eye shadow that my aunt gave me and some lip gloss that came free with a Dolly magazine) and toast marshmallows with a candle when friends came over.  I have loved high beds ever since and this beautiful glossy white bed, is tall enough to make you feel like the princess in Princess and the Pea and is just so lovely.

An elegant option for a spare room or really as the most magical centrepiece for a little girl’s room, this bed could be made up so many ways.  It has a simple design with a head slightly higher than the foot and the unique thing about this bed is the previous owners have had some extra brackets made so the mattress can sit lower to the floor while you daughter is younger and then you can move it to the height shown here when she’s ready to crawl underneath and make that cubby.


196cm long

91cm wide

98cm high – foot

108cm high – head

41cm high – floor to base.

* please remember that cast iron beds generally sit higher than modern beds, please take the measurements into account and allow for the mattress on top of the base.

7.5cm high