Let’s Talk About Matt.

Let’s Talk About Matt.

I recently got asked at a party what I think of Matt.  I told them I thought he was great in Friends, gave the most consistent laughs, but had really disappointed in all his work since.

Strangely, Matt LeBlanc was not the Matt they were referring to.  They were actually wondering that considering my bent for all things worn, scratched and dented and my overall passion for furniture and design, how I feel about Matt Blatt, the mainly online furniture company that sells mass produced replica’s of highly sought after designer furniture.

Considering I was feeling a little bit silly (champagne, you cheeky minx), I probably should have ignored this question and instead participated in a stunningly in depth conversation about Friends that demonstrated that I should throw this furniture caper away and instead devote my time to writing Friends trivia questions (What is Joey’s middle name? Find the answer at the bottom of this outstanding blog post…).

But anyway, I digress, so, for everyone’s benefit, here is what I think about designer replica furniture.  I appreciate great design and the opportunity to have pieces of furniture (whether original or replica) in your home that are pleasing to look at is a great thing.  I like that they can contribute interest and personality and when worked in with other pieces can make for a really interesting and unique space.

So, yes, I think they have their place, but now for the rest.  What I don’t like is that a lot of them are poorly made interpretations of truly outstanding, revolutionary and innovative design.  I think there is so much beautifully made vintage and antique furniture around that deserves our attention.  At the moment these replica stores are full of imitations of so much Scandinavian and Art Deco style furniture and it kills me that people go and buy a cheap, mass produced copy of these pieces when they could have the real thing for a fraction of the cost if they just took the time to look for it.  The final item is authentic and the quality is so much better.

The mass production of these pieces means that they appear in all the design magazines and renovation shows (to great effect) and quickly lose their uniqueness and so while people look to these stores to add style and individuality they end up looking like everybody else.  Long story short, I love that they are exposing people to great design, but they’re not for me.  And while you can go online and buy new versions of my favourite bentwood chairs for just about the same price of my vintage ones, I like that mine have worn smooth on the seat, that there is colour variation and that the construction is by hand, not by machine.




And Joey’s middle name is Francis.

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