Hold Onto Your Drawers.

Hold Onto Your Drawers.

If you asked me what one single piece of antique furniture was worth holding onto, I’d say drawers.  Beautifully handcrafted antique drawers in cedar, mahogany and pine are worth keeping no matter how your tastes change.  These universally practical storages pieces are so versatile and can make themselves useful in just about any space.  In bedrooms, as television units, in sitting rooms and in hallways, they add character and a unique element in almost any space.

The auction houses are full of furniture that has lasted for decades (and more) and in the past, those pieces would have been handed down to the next generation.  But as our tastes, our houses and the way we have all live has changed, those pieces of special furniture now no longer feel relevant to us.  But while it is easy to understand the shift away from huge mahogany dining settings and sideboards, there are other pieces that are perfect to keep and mix into the furniture that feels more relevant today – and for me, drawers would be it.

Pine Chest 1  Rustic Chest 6  Drawer 4  dovetail 3  another-pine-chest-1

I always regret that when my parents moved away from the home we grew up in that I was too young to appreciate the antique furniture that we had.  When it came time for them to downsize they specifically asked my sisters and I what we would like to keep, but those precious pieces seemed old and boring to my twenty year old self.  In hindsight they were all beautiful and were things that were precious to not only my parents but their parents as well and I will always struggle to make peace with the fact that they were sent to an auction and are now long gone.

But the pieces that were kept and live in their houses today, are predominantly sets of cedar drawers both large and small and trust me, I won’t be letting them go second time around!

So if you have sets, keep them, use them, hand them on to your children.  And if nobody wants them, send them my way…


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