The Benchmark.

The Benchmark.

In English parks and gardens sit gorgeous teak benches.  These long, simple pieces of outdoor furniture are made from solid teak as it is simply the most amazing timber for outdoor use.  Sturdy, very heavy and with the characteristic of maturing to a subtle steely, silvery, grey these benches are the perfect complement to their lush green gardens.  But an exciting (yes, exciting) fact is that these benches don’t just do well in the mother country, when exposed to the extremes of the Australian climate, they still come up trumps.  Capable of withstanding snow, sun, wind, salty air and sticky playground fingers all without the need to sand or seal, these benches sit in the same spot for decades only getting better with age.

So why the English/Australian outdoor furniture lesson?  Well!  In possibly my most exciting find yet, I am able to offer one of these benches for sale.  This bench is a whopping 2.4 metres long which, after much scouring of the internet, is like the famous hens tooth.  Most companies don’t make them anymore and if they do, you’ll need to find over 2,500 dollar coins in the piggy bank to make it yours.  This bench is in amazing condition and has already achieved the weathered, grey hue that I much prefer to the ‘straight from the factory’ look.  The profile is clean and simple making it perfect for any style of house or garden.  But there is one distinctive detail, that I appreciate and I’m sure you will too.

The arms (which on most benches are quite narrow and gently arched), have been widened slightly, made perfectly flat and with a graceful curve at the end.  Artistic?  Yes.  Practical?  Absolutely!  Who wants to sit on their amazing bench watching the sun set and have to reach for that g&t?  That glass needs to be at just the right spot that you barely have to move and this bench allows exactly that.

teak-bench-2  teak-bench-1  teak-bench-4

So, call it a bench, or call it the most outstanding drink coaster you’ve ever seen, I don’t mind, but don’t dilly dally on this one.  Because it won’t come up again.  And if you don’t believe me, have a skulk around the internet, do a bit of research and you’re realise that this is truly something special.

Available for sale on the website this evening.  Check facebook and instagram for updates.

And please also note, this bench is very long and heavy and will need some logistical planning to fall into your hot little hands, I have some great and affordable delivery options, but if you are interested in purchasing, maybe send me a quick message first and we can discuss.

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