Make the Leap.

Make the Leap.

I used to read proper fashion magazines.  And I still do, but only when I am at the hairdresser.  And then I have to keep wiping the mirror as I nearly choke on the free glass of bubbles when I see that the insanely beautiful jacket is in fact $12,000?  Sure, let me get my credit card.

But in all of those magazine there is inevitably an article about investment dressing and buying key pieces and then working them back with your ‘high street’ finds.  And there are examples of women with what appears to be effortless style that is made up of a range of different trends and styles and designers and the result is their appearance is unique and interesting.  And this works with furniture too but the difference is that combining a Target t-shirt with a Sass and Bide jacket involves a lot less risk than trying to work out how to find a piece of vintage furniture that will work with your existing Freedom couch.  And there are more dollars involved so the stakes are higher.

But I encourage you to take the leap.

Modern furniture is easily accessible and on trend and affordable and new (and I love something new just as much as the next person).  And there is a place for that in every home.  But unless you are paying crazy prices (which I’m guessing most of us are not), the construction is not great.  The timbers are rarely solid or of good quality and it doesn’t take long for things to start to wear down.  But in a vintage piece, for a fraction of the price, you can own a piece of furniture that has been made likely by hand, with solid timbers and at a time when everything was built to last.

It’s these pieces that add weight and interest to the more modern furniture.  They make them look less like something that everyone else has and more like a one off.  They make your house interesting and individual.  Mix an old chair with a Kmart cushion.  An Ikea table with a set of antique chairs.  A modern upholstered bed with some vintage side tables.  A modern couch with a pair of old armchairs.  A set of old prints, next to a modern canvas.

And that sort of approach is what makes older pieces in our homes look like they are meant to be there and not like something we grudgingly accepted from an old aunt.

And with your witty and practical combinations, people will come to your house and call you the Alexa Chung of interiors.  And you will nod knowingly before skulking off to type her name into google.  And when one of her 1,410,000 results pop up, you will congratulate yourself for being so fabulous and clever and immediately book yourself a hairdressers appointment so you can have her hair.  And while you are at the hairdressers you will be reading a fashion magazine and admire a jacket, see that it’s $12,000, spray your champagne all over the mirror and then be reminded of this article and realise that I am right.

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