More Naked Ladies.

Charcoal 2

Those who’ve been on The Dovetail Trader bandwagon since the beginning know that when it comes to artwork, I do have a bent for naked ladies.  So, as I started to search for art to offer alongside the furniture, it seemed only fitting that a few beautiful bodies, minus their clothes, would crop up.  And here is the first.

I saw this original charcoal and watercolour a few months back on a site that represents independent artists in the UK and I’ve kept thinking about it.  Why?  Done in the late 70’s, I like the loose and casual style of the composition and that it is almost abstract in its omission of certain parts.  The pose is quite relaxed, not too confronting (no nipples!) and almost ladylike.  It makes me think of someone sitting in the sun.

Available for sale on the website.

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